17 06, 2016

My Love of Old Images

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My Love of Old Images My Grandmother was very social and kept scrapbooks of herself and her friends. This was taken near Berkeley, California in summer 1925. My grandmother was 15. She never remembered her age in photos as she often lied about her age to college boys she dated. One of my [...]

28 03, 2016

Stunning Find in my Grandmother’s Recipe Box

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Stunning Find in my Grandmother's Recipe Box My Grandparents with my Gramma's beloved poodle, Jolie Beau. My Gramma dearly loved dogs and always had poodles. My Gramma was a great cook. Her food was very homey and always so good. She was the epitome of what you expect a Grandma to be. [...]

12 06, 2014

I Like Big Bugs and I Cannot Lie

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With minimal apologies for the punny title, I do love bugs. Though I should clarify it is a love/hate relationship. I harbor certain prejudices: I prefer beautiful bugs, gross bugs that are big, and most of all, I prefer them to be dead. Yes, I said it. A giant brown cockroach cruising across my patio does [...]

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