Frequently Asked Questions…

Please note that if your question is not listed here, please feel free to contact us. We are updating this section as needed.

General Questions

a: We are located in the beautiful California Desert: Palm Desert, to be exact.
a: We sell mostly wholesale. We have an Etsy shop where we sell direct and list close-out items. We are careful not to compete with our retail customers.

Fill out a wholesale application here and we will send you a password to access pricing and specials

a: Absolutely. We do quite a bit of custom and private label work for all our lines. Custom  flasks are the most common request.

Contact us for more information, pricing, links to templates, etc. We can design for you, as well.

a: Turnaround times vary, but average a week to shipping.

We manufacture in the USA, and do not need to keep large inventories. If you have a specific date you need your order, be sure to let us know.

a: Yes. We strive to keep our products made in the  USA. We have local resources that allow us to scale-up for larger orders, better pricing.

Feel free to contact us with your needs, and timing.

a: We realize how frustrating the frequent fluctuations in shipping costs can be. While we cannot change what our shippers charge, we do our best to pack your items to help keep expenses as low as possible.

Pillow inserts, for instance are shipped out of the covers, and are *squished* as small as possible (see the pillow FAQ regarding this.)

Your order will ship via USPS or UPS, whichever is least expensive and fastest. If you have a preferred shipping method and/or wish to use your own shipping account, let us know when you place your order


a: The main flask is 18/10 stainless steel. The graphics are made using similar material used to add graphics to race cars and commercial vehicles. We print the graphics with non-toxic ink, laminate to protect from scratching, and hand-apply graphics to each flask.
a: All our flasks hold 6oz. That is the size that is the #1 most popular with consumers.
a: Yes, the flasks are completely waterproof. Water (and alcohol) will have no negative affect on your flask.
a: We recommend that you wash your flask before first using. Rinse your flask with warm water and white vinegar. If you are not planning on using your flask immediately, allow to dry with the cap off. It is recommended to rinse your flask out with warm water, between uses, and use vinegar every few uses. We prefer to not use dish soap, as some leave a residue that may affect the flavor of your beverage.
a: Your flask is designed to carry alcohol, primarily. You should not put any acidic beverage or lemon juice in your flask. Acid may stain stainless steel (true for most stainless products).
a: We have friends like that too. While we LOVE an ice cold vodka or tequila (or rum, or gin…) your flask is not intended to store your beverage for more than 3 days. Some liquors have a strong taste, and may impart that taste to your flask.
a: If you are careful about rinsing your flask after each use (use vinegar between types of liquor). Of if you are a snob, and prefer top shelf liquors, then you are careful to use a different flask for each type of alcohol: one just for top shelf whiskey, one just for top shelf vodka, etc. Some whiskeys will impart flavor into your flask, as well.

Pillow Covers

a: All our fabrics are printed, for us in North Carolina, and sewn in Los Angeles. Even our zippers are made for us in LA. The latest poly inserts are also made in LA! WOO! HOO!
a: All our pillows are either 100% cotton Poplin, or 100% Linen/Cotton blend. We prefer to use only natural fabrics.
a: Our pillows all fit 18″ square inserts. A pillow cover made for an 18″ insert, is slightly smaller than the insert (approx 17.5″ square).
a: All our pillows are custom designed by us, and are digitally printed or silkscreened in North Carolina and Los Angeles.
a: Yes. There is an invisible zipper at the bottom of every pillow.
a: You can dry clean your pillow, only if your dry cleaner does not use a solvent-based solution. Some solvents may damage the printed part of the pillow. If that is not possible, you can hand-wash your pillow in Woolite. Dry flat and use a hot iron.
a: Many shippers are charging by the size of box, more than the weight. Pillows, while not heavy, can take up a lot of space. We have squished the poly inserts as small as possible to save costs.

Read the next FAQ for re-fluffing instructions.

a: If your poly insert is looking a bit flat (or you just unpacked it and it is not re-fluffing, on its own), just toss the whole pillow, inside the cover is okay, into a warm dryer for 20 minutes of so.

The air will fluff your pillow right up. You can, also place the poly insert into your pillow cover before re-fluffing too. We have found that medium dryer heat does not hurt the cover, as long as the cover is not damp in any way.

How our “Made to Order” items work

a: In order to keep most of our production in the USA, we work with other US manufacturers to produce and ship some items. Our Mugs are produced and shipped from Kentucky, and leads times and shipping costs are separate from items we produce in Los Angeles. Our long-term goal is to keep as much production and manufacturing in the USA as possible. Finding local and US sources takes more time, but we are proud of the manufacturers we work with.
a: In order to save time and costs, mugs ship directly from the maufacturer’s Kentucky facilities. What we sacrifice is to not be able to include packing slips inside the boxes. We will email or mail your packing slips and invoices separate from those orders. Also the branding is printed directly onto the mugs. No labels nor tags are included. As we find our mug designs becoming more popular, we may bring production in-house, but for now, this is the best way to be able to offer mugs produced in the USA.
a: As of Spring, 2017, all pillows will now be made to order by us in Los Angeles. Our fabrics are continue to be printed, in small batches in North Carolina. Making our pillows, to order, helps maintain consistency in quality, color and source fabric printers that are using the latest technology. It also allows us to be more flexible in offering custom and semi-custom pillows.
a: Mug production is average of 3 business days, pillows are 5-10 business days, including tine needed to print fabrics. Rush orders require an additional charge. We will be stocking a handful of the most popular items, so they will be available for FAST shipping during the holiday/ Christmas season.