Free Image Thursday, Last Thurs of July, 2016

We say goodbye to July, 2016 with TWO free images today (yay).

Today’s images came from a wonderful Victorian Trading card and a high-end furniture catalog from the early 1900’s. Every week will be some fun and different offering. We try to mix it up each week to give you a good assortment for collage, transfer and any other art or craft need you may have. Click on an image below to go to the larger image you can download.

Click on an image below, then right click (PC) or control-click (mac) to “save image as” to your computer:

As always the images are from Oso and Bean’s private library. They are perfect for your personal use, but, sorry are not for resale or commercial use. If you would like high resolution versions of any of our images and would like to purchase a license to use them commercially, feel free to contact us.